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Scan’s Delicious, Flower-fed Pork is Perfectly Safe Served Pink!

You might have grown up eating pork that was cooked extremely well done and thoroughly gray, but that’s no longer necessary. Yes, Scan’s delicious, flower-fed pork is perfectly safe being served pink! In fact, we highly recommend serving our small family farm raised pork pink, as it is perfectly safe and an amazing taste experience everyone should try at least once. Amazingly tender, juicy, tasty and a completely different pork experience. What is the secret to perfectly cooked pink pork? Read on!

Scan pork is safe to eat when cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit / 60 degrees Celsius, using an instant-read thermometer and left to rest for three minutes. The meat will look significantly pinker than when cooked to 160 degrees / 70 degrees Celsius, the recommended temperature
for ground pork (and other types of ground meat). The secret behind this cooking method is the 3 minute rest time. Meat continues to cook after it’s been removed from heat; if you remove pork from the heat at 160 degrees / 70 degrees Celsius, it will likely be overcooked by the time it hits the dinner table. Cooking the meat to 145 degrees Fahrenheit / 60 degrees Celsius means it’ll be perfectly cooked and, most importantly, safe to eat after just a few minutes of resting.

Scan’s flower fed pork is full of high-quality Omega 3 intramuscular fat, so it gives a great mouthfeel– the taste and texture is off the charts amazing. This is literally the best tasting, healthiest pork on the market– which you can find at ParknShops throughout Hong Kong. Nordic farming methods and years of research into healthier eating have resulted in our tender and tasty pork, which is very simple for even a novice cook to prepare, cook and serve to their family’s delight. No need to tell your kids that dinner is not only delicious, but very healthy for them too!

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