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Healthy Pork Recipes to Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Every year when January rolls around, everyone starts talking about health and fitness and the words, “New Year’s Resolutions” are everywhere you see. Scan focuses on tasty, healthy foods 365 days a year– raising animals naturally year-round produces the highest quality, best-tasting pork imaginable! So whether your focus is on maintaining good health, losing weight or enjoying great taste– look no farther than your local supermarket or favorite world-class restaurant. You’ll find Scan’s tasty high-quality pork on sale at ParknShop’s across Hong Kong as well as on over 40 local restaurant menus. Here are four healthy pork recipes to kick start your New Year’s resolutions:

Pork Loin “Sandwich” with Crispy Crust of Nordic Flavours
This main dish is full of delicious Nordic flavours and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes! Hazelnuts are a rich source of vitamin E, folate, potassium, calcium and magnesium– giving you healthy skin, hair and nails and boosting your metabolism. Serve this dish warm with your favorite healthy side dishes.

Pan-fried Pork Collar Mini Steaks with Apple Mustard by Chef Jaakko Sorsa

This meat recipe comes from Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa of FINDS, Hong Kong’s premier Nordic Restaurant. Recently Chef Jaakko prepared mini appetizers of this dish, using Scan flower-fed pork, for shoppers at Taste ParknShop in Kowloon. Now you can make this
delicious, extremely tender Slow-Roasted Pork with Apple Mustard recipe at home!

Pork Collar Roast Salad with Chanterelle, Oregano, Cress and Sweet and Sour Cucumber
Invite friends and family over for delicious roasted pork and a tasty, yet super simple salad. If you roast the Scan pork and marinate the vegetables the night before, this meal can come together in as little as 15 minutes! We love quick recipes like this, that make family occasions easy to celebrate along with being full of fresh, delicious flavours.

Pork Collar Pot Roast with Stewed Tomatoes and Onions
This main dish does take time to prepare– as any good pot roast does, but the flavours and taste are well worth the time spent! Be sure to use authentic Black Lava Coarse Salt, high quality coarse salts are an essential part of every Nordic Chef’s toolkit!

A unique feature of Scan’s delicious pork, is that our pigs are flower-fed– we add Brassica napus seed (bright yellow flowers that produce oil-rich seeds that are one of nature’s best sources of Omega 3) to the feed of our pigs. This ensures that our tasty, flower-fed pork contains four times more Omega 3’s when compared to conventional pork. Since Scan pork is loaded with high quality Omega 3 fat, it’s exceptionally quick to prepare and stays juicy and tender any way you cook it.

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