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Our origin and domicile is Nordic, with all the equity that lies in this; the pure clean water and air, the world famous cuisine, a strong reputation for quality, conscious farming practices, animal welfare and smaller scale production. We will always treasure the equity of being Nordic and let that pride shine through.

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Nordic taste from our small family farms

Being a responsible and conscious producer of great tasting products, we care about our consumer and understand that you care about the food that you serve on your family and guests plates.  Due to the clean air and pure nature of the Nordic region, our four distinct seasons and the investments we have made in meticulous farming practices, we are proud of the quality and flavour of our meat.  Our Nordic family farmers raise livestock on locally grown flora.  The result is simply the most tender and tasty meat products.

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In essence, everything we are and do comes down to one simple yet critical thing: taste.  Every aspect of our farmers’ efforts and high standards of care and animal welfare is about delivering the best food experience possible to you, your family and friends.

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